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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Truth is Unbeatable

Truth is unbeatable.

There is no way you can change the color of the sky for it shall show darkness when the night comes; blue when it is sunny, and a bit of nimbus clouds when the rain is about to fall.

There is no way you can change the color of the sunset, for the orange and red horizon shall envelop the earth. You just cannot hide nature for it refuses to be boxed.

There is no way you can conceal the truth about you. The best thing is face it and stand up when the need arises.

Truth will not kill you. It will introduce you to the world. So do not attempt to please everyone for the truth shall be your object, your means and end.

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Islam is Selflessness

Islam is a religion that teaches selflessness.

It is not self-centered but community focused.

It speaks of charity, compassion, and understanding. One needs to be free from bias in order to absorb the real teachings of Islam.

An objective mind allows you to view Islam without reservations no matter how others try hard to make it look like a religion of violence.

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