Am I indebted to humanity?

Am I Indebted to humanity?

I say yes, just like you. Humanity embraces all forms of life, without being selective.

Humanity is not discriminatory but embracing.

Am I assured of my relevance for am I not an inspiration?

Yes, you and I. All of us are the inspiration of humanity.

When we do good deeds, humanity rejoices. If we are bad, humanity fails.

But to define what inspires you is not the mind in focus but the heart that is determined to make things right.

If I inspire you, then I have touched your heart.

I am indebted to humanity. Life is a responsibility beyond thyself.

Humanity is a silent refuge, a solitude that reflects who you are and your relevance in life.

Humanity resides in our souls. It is a part of who we are.


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