The difference of being alone and a loner for me

Being a loner is far different from being lonely. You can find yourself in a crowd but you still feel empty.

To be a loner is the desire to be communicative with your soul.

Most of us find it hard to do that because their lives are conditioned to expose themselves to the crowded and noisy world, to bring in earnings for the companies they work for, or even for their personal needs.

NO man is an island, a belief that society has imposed into the minds of men. Far from serving the needy, other reasons are for business profits.

The best crowd is the one that touches the soul, and this is where we connect with other souls.

If you find me using the word soul, not human beings, because I personally look at life as the reaching out of the soul.

Human beings like those who love to be sociable, do also crave for a solitude that enriches them.

That is why we have such lines as: "I want to find myself or I want to have sometime alone."

The need to be alone is a human hunger. Did I not remind you before that silence is always completing?


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