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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love is not a lip service

Love is not a lip service.

He can declare his love for you anytime but does his action support his words.

He can give you lip service to make a fool of you but his conscience will not let him rest that is if he is not a playboy.

True love is not merely spoken nor can it be hidden for the heart shall reveal itself in time.

We ladies must not be easily swept by romantic words by men who mask their real intention.

Go for the love that you can proudly speak of, not the love that merely speaks.

~Princess Maleiha Bajunaid Candao

The difference of being alone and a loner for me

Being a loner is far different from being lonely. You can find yourself in a crowd but you still feel empty.

To be a loner is the desire to be communicative with your soul.

Most of us find it hard to do that because their lives are conditioned to expose themselves to the crowded and noisy world, to bring in earnings for the companies they work for, or even for their personal needs.

NO man is an island, a belief that society has imposed into the minds of men. Far from serving the needy, other reasons are for business profits.

The best crowd is the one that touches the soul, and this is where we connect with other souls.

If you find me using the word soul, not human beings, because I personally look at life as the reaching out of the soul.

Human beings like those who love to be sociable, do also crave for a solitude that enriches them.

That is why we have such lines as: "I want to find myself or I want to have sometime alone."

The need to be alone is a human hunger. Did I not remind you before that silence is always completing?

Defining what true love is

Ladies, choose the love that is free to hug you wherever you are.

True love is brave and fearless and will fight for you no matter what it takes.

Never let any man play with your emotions nor disrespect you for his pleasure.

Choose the man who will respect you.

Stay away from a love that can only whisper when no one is looking.

That love is too fragile to hold.

It will break as soon as exposed to pressure.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Am I indebted to humanity?

Am I Indebted to humanity?

I say yes, just like you. Humanity embraces all forms of life, without being selective.

Humanity is not discriminatory but embracing.

Am I assured of my relevance for am I, not an inspiration?

Yes, you and I. All of us are the inspiration of humanity.

When we do good deeds, humanity rejoices. If we are bad, humanity fails.

But to define what inspires you is not the mind in focus but the heart that is determined to make things right.

If I inspire you, then I have touched your heart.

I am indebted to humanity. Life is a responsibility beyond thyself.

Humanity is a silent refuge, a solitude that reflects who you are and your relevance in life.

Humanity resides in our souls. It is a part of who we are.

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